Lachlan Cosgrove Rogue Travel

Lachlan Cosgrove

Trip Host


Lachlan is our Trip Host for Australia and hosts anime and gaming festivals and expos across the entire country.

Lachlan is committed to providing all those involved with Rogue Travel the best time possible. He loves going beyond people’s expectations and making sure they’re having a great time.

Lachlan’s passion for gaming started when he played DOS games like Commander Keen and Wacky Races. His passion grew when he discovered his Aunt’s Atari 2600 and was given a Game Boy for Christmas from his Pa. His favourite console is the PlayStation 1. He loves being able to play video games and switch off the real world as he did as a Kid.

Born on: June 28, 1990
Email: lachlan@a90skid.com.au
Phone: 0415691187
Education: Bachelor of Arts